Black Army is a miniatures company that sells high-quality wargames miniatures and vehicles in 28mm, 1/600 American Civil War era ships, and miniatures rules.  We are located in California, USA and have been in business since 2009. 

We've completed our move to Anaheim, and are eager to jump back in and start making some new things!  

UPDATE 10/23/17: Sculpting on our new range has begun!  It will be called "Imperialism" and will cover Colonial Armies of the late 19th Century, beginning with enemies of Britain.  Our first range will be Colonial Tibetans, including armored foot troops, and a Yak with rider!  Our Tibetans will be part of a Kickstarter campaign we hope to launch before the end of 2017!

 Thank you for your support and patronage over the years!